Monday, September 2, 2013

Charles Parker: Obama Feckless and Reckless

Today I was accused of hating President Obama because I am critical of his foreign policy.  For the record – I do not hate him.  But let me elaborate on his policies regarding Middle East intervention.

When President Obama was a US senator, he said consistently that a president needs congressional approval before engaging in warring activities.  I actually give him a pass for that misgiving for two reasons.
First, it was one of the few times he actually took a stand on anything when he was a US Senator.  And second, it is historically accurate that most folks who become president find out that the job is much different than they expected when they get in there – and thus, much of what they said prior is exposed as simple political posturing.

After he became president, his tune, however, certainly changed. 
He ordered our military to strike at Libyan air defenses and government forces without the approval of Congress.  He sent them a letter.  The letter said he did not need their approval because averting the humanitarian crisis in Libya was within the scope of our national security goals and interests.

I will not even go into the mess that that created (can you say “Benghazi?”).
Then, he turned an eye to Syria.  He had already drawn the red line and President Assad had already crossed it.  But he drew it again….and Assad crossed it again.

So, Obama had to do something.  He made a couple of calls to allies while at the same time directing his surrogates to leak that he would bomb Syria – without seeking congressional approval.  Prime Minister Cameron got on board, called his legislators back from holiday and then abruptly disembarked after Parliament said “No.”
Obama then took a walk with his Chief of Staff (yeah – that’s the guy who gives him political advice).  He quickly decided that this situation was not so urgent, that he would seek congressional approval, and that he would wait a couple of weeks to give Congress a chance to hold hearings, hold floor debate, and vote.

When asked what Obama would do if Assad crossed the line a third time – while he is waiting for Congress to give him something he and most don’t think he needs – Secretary of State Kerry said he was sure Obama would act quickly and not wait for Congress to vote.  What?
I have heard others call this debacle “Amateur Hour.”  However, I am a writer and love words.  “Feckless” comes to mind…and maybe a little reckless too…


  1. Obama's "leading from behind" mentality is an embarrassment to both us and our allies. If his "red line" comments had been serious, he could have gotten advance approval from Congress for a strike without hesitation. Seeing that Obama painted himself into a corner, the Syrians called his bluff and are now making a mockery of him (and us). Don't be surprised if Assad now gasses half his population. Like Saddam, He couldn't care less as long as he personally remains in power.

    1. (BTW, BrevardTimes, it is 9:00 AM, not 6:00 AM.)

  2. Jug-ears the Rodeo Clown President needs to be charged with Treason.

  3. Obama has "painted himeself into a corner"...where is the dunce cap? Agreed...can we charge him with gross incompetence...treason...start the impeachment process, it's long overdue.

  4. Obama is so very obviously bad for America and yet, he gets re-elected. So America, you got exactly what you voted enjoy the consequences.

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