Saturday, August 17, 2013

Charles Parker: Is Xun Energy the EDC's Next BlueWare?

It is time to take a closer look at another deal brought to you by the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast now that former Brevard County Clerk of the Court Mitch Needelman and BlueWare, Inc. CEO Rose Harr have been arrested on bribery and other charges related to an ill-fated $6 million scanning contract.

To review - the EDC offered BlueWare a confidential package to lure the company to Brevard from Michigan.  As the case has unfolded over the past year, the EDC has refused to disclose their offers to BlueWare, even though the company has been in the midst of scandal - and BlueWare certainly has not lived up to its promises.
But – as with most everything in the BlueWare case – when the onion was peeled back there was even controversy in the confidentiality.  Clerk of the Court Scott Ellis accused the EDC of tampering with documents so that they could keep the BlueWare deal secret. That ball is still up in the air…somewhere.

But - now – enter Xun Energy, Inc.
The EDC is proposing that the Brevard County Commission offer a tax abatement deal to this energy company.   In a recent story in Brevard Times, it was said that “according to documents prepared by the EDC, Xun Energy, Inc. is a manufacturer of flywheel technology for the storage of electricity including frequency regulation that is considering locating at 425 North Drive in Melbourne, Florida with plans to create 308 new jobs with an average wage of $82,750 and invest $22,000,000 in new capital expenditures.”

Red Flag Number One – Nowhere on – does it mention “flywheel technology.”  In a related search, the NY Times notes that “Xun Energy, Inc. (Xun Energy) is a development stage company. The Company is engaged in the business of oil and gas exploration and production of crude oil. The Company has three oil and gas leases in the State of Kentucky and 30 oil drilling locations in Pennsylvania.”
Red Flag Number Two – Xun Energy admits that it is not in a very good financial spot – even though they have told the EDC that they will make a $22 million capital investment in Melbourne if they open up shop.  On its website under the title “Risk Factors,” it says, “We have extremely limited assets and ceased generating revenue. We have little assets and have had limited revenues since inception. We will not receive revenues until we complete funding through debt, equity, or Joint Venture financing…We will need to raise additional capital...”

Red Flag Number Three – It is important to note that they have recently raised some capital, but it is through a precarious venture called “reserve equity financing.”  I’m not smart enough to know what that is so I looked it up.  According to Will Gish of EHow, Reserve equity financing constitutes a specialized form of equity financing in which an investment firm enters into a long-term relationship with a fledgling or otherwise small company looking to develop and generate capital through public markets. Reserve equity occurs only when a small business does not possess the resources to publicly trade equity.”
So basically, just within the last month, Xun has made a deal with AGS Capital Group to receive funds in exchange for the selling of up to $15 million in company stock to AGS.  I’m not a stock market guy, but currently Xun Energy is selling at $0.0015/share.  Either AGS is really smart…or…

Red Flag Number Four (and you can’t make this stuff up) – the proposed site of Xun Energy is about two miles from the current site of BlueWare. Not Titusville, not Merritt Island, not Palm Bay…basically the same industrial area in Melbourne.
A purported $1.2 million in tax breaks for these guys?

We should be saying to Xun Energy and others…if within one year you make the capital investments, hire the people, pay them what you say you will pay them – then we will give you the tax breaks retroactively to your start-up date – and also even give you a free membership to the Chamber of Commerce and a seat on the EDC board.

For more from Brevard Times on this story, click the following link:


  1. Nothing changes until we clean house at EDC.
    Weatherman MUST go!

  2. Mr. Parker I had the same questions you have when I read this story yesterday on Brevard Times...I did my due dilegence and it didn't add up...what is truly going on here?

  3. I say we should do away with the EDC altogether. They've cost us more than I think they are worth and whatever benefits they have allegedly brought Brevard I think are negated by the rest of the story.

  4. Zero research done on Xun in the FT article:

  5. XUN - Red Chinese company - c'mon folks let's be serious

  6. Charles, What is it you don't understand? It's called smoke and mirrors financing.

    Seriously we own 10 properties in Brevard and 3 in North Carolina, we do more vetting, credit and criminal on a tenant paying $1,800 a month than the EDC does on multi-million dollar deals. It's like they ask them if everything is ok and they of course say yes.

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