Sunday, December 2, 2012

Charles Parker: A Balanced Approach

Okay - so no one bit on my first proposal for solving the fiscal cliff. So let's try Round Two.

There is an inherent problem with compromise.  It is based on giving something up.  And when you give something up, it usually leads to resentment.

So - for the fiscal cliff negotiations - let's synthesize.  In other words, the negotiations begin with each side getting something they want - and then it goes from there. about the following for a 10-year deal.

1. President Obama won the election and constantly and consistently led the charge for letting the Bush tax rates expire for couples and small businesses earning over $250,000 and individuals earning  $200,000.  The president gets to keep that.  This will bring into the federal coffers about $95 billion each year.

2. Republicans then should say that this money should go straight to debt reduction.  "Mr. President, let's pay the credit card bill."

3. Since President Obama also campaigned on a "balanced approach" and Republicans in Congress campaigned on cutting spending, then Congress should cut appropriations to the administration by $95 billion per year.  How about $30 billion from defense and $65 billion from non-discretionary spending. 

4. This and future presidents can have full authority where to make the cuts in his/her administration.  It would be kind of a reverse block-grant to the White House.

With this plan extra revenue goes directly to debt repayment and budget savings go directly to deficit reduction...and everyone has skin in the game.


  1. Funny thing about winning, you set the tone, not the losers..

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