Saturday, November 17, 2012

Charles Parker: Where Were the Republican Governors on Election Day?

I’m really not much for laying blame.  But there is a cast of characters out there that should bear some responsibility for Mitt Romney’s loss that have not been called to account.
Republican governors.
President Obama won 10 states – six of them were swingers – with Republican governors.  These states had a total of 136 electoral votes.
Since we’re doing this – let’s make sure we note which states Obama lost that have Democrat governors.  There were six with 47 electoral votes.
My calculus then says that if all governors on both sides had done their jobs – Romney would have a net gain of 89 electoral votes.  That would have given Romney 295 and the White House.
The main offenders:  Scott in Florida, Branstad in Iowa, Kasich in Ohio, McDonnell in Virginia, and Walker in Wisconsin.
These guys all have political machines. They all have get-out-the-vote apparatchik.  They all have lists – phone, email, address.  They all have money.  They all have connections.
They all helped blow it.
And interestingly, some of them – Kasich, McDonnell and Walker particularly – are being talked about as new party leaders and part of the strong bench for 2016.  None of them would be mentioned this way if Romney had won.
They can now make news by standing up to ObamaCare, creating jobs in their states, and doing gubernatorial things.  They can be the opposition and not the loyalists.  Without a Republican president, there is still air in the room.
As the GOP begins to vet for 2016 –and yes the maneuvering is already started – I hope someone asks these guys that why - if they couldn’t win their states for Romney – should we expect them to win other ones for themselves.


  1. And therein lies the basic problem of the GOTP: thinking that SOMEONE ELSE can control the vote of people with brains. Hello? We make our own reviled Governor, such as Kasich, will influence a thinking person's vote. And on the flip side, even a revered state Governor will not be able to guarantee presidential votes. That is such an arrogant and insulting assumption.

    I hope none of those you mentioned are in the running for Presidential vetting in 2016, but for reasons that differ monumentally from yours. Ohio pilloried Kasich over state Senate Bill 5; it will be a miracle if he is the leader of anything after his current gubernatorial term is served.

    And seriously, you believe it is the job of a state Governor to "win his/her state" for the candidate who shares his/her political label??? Hmmm, that's not the job I expect MY elected officials to perform!

    Your guy lost. The voting public has spoken. Take Barbara Bush's advice and get over it! Move on...

  2. Let's not forget the votes lost by the GOP pissing on Ron Paul and his supporters. 1.2M for Gary Johnson would have been 3M+ for a Ron Paul endorsed GOP candidate. Of course the GOP would have to abandon war without end, the ongoing pilfering of the populace thru crony capitalism/Big Banks/Federal Reserve, and the imprisoning and killing of American citizens without due process. Evidently too much for them to stomach.

  3. Charles, you can't win elections with LIES! Pissing off the women, the blacks, the Latinos, the middle class and the poor, didn't help Romney much either. Romney was interested in one thing, lowering his tax rate from 14% down to 1% and taking care of his 1% buddies and screwing the rest of us. That's why he lost Charles and that is why Republicans will continue to lose if they don't change their attitude. The PEOPLE are sick & tired of the obstructionist Republicans. The only reason you held onto the House is because you have gerrymandered most of the districts around the country to favor the Republicans. If the Democrats had done that, you'd be crying a lot more than you are. Remember Republicans are only interested in the words deficit & debt when they are OUT of The White House, when they're in, they spend like drunken sailors IE: Reagan & George W Bush, your two heros. MAN UP, Charles...You lost the election, get over it and quit CRYING.

  4. I amazes me that not even a month after the slap back to reality the GOP has already forgotten Romney's name. Not content to focus on the problems at hand, they are already parading Marco Rubio around to the media, the Cuban boy wonder, pandering for the Spanish vote in 2016. What a hopeless bunch of attention whores. The election loss had nothing to do with governors, more to do with the tired, out of touch old white men refusing to show their cards when the public demanded it.

  5. Haha! All those Republican governors you listed have their own brand of crazy going on: trying to bust unions, being a crook, transvaginal ultrasounds, etc., etc. Blame whomever you want, the rabid Republican Party and kooky Tea Partiers showed themselves in all their glorious dysfunction during this election, including Mr. Romney. I still get a chuckle from Karl Rove's stunned disbelief live on FOX "news." They seem to delight in being outrageous and nutty. I'll never understand why people are attracted to all that "crazy" under one roof. It's like watching a train wreck...the horror of it fascinates and repels simultaneously. Face it, the main reason to even listen at all when the Repubs are talking is to see what new and amazing garbage they're spewing next.

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