Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charles Parker: I Didn't See It Coming...and So I Was Wrong

The youth came out like they did in '08. 

Minorities came out like they did in '08. 

Women came out like they did in '08. 

Libertarians made a significant impression in Florida particularly. 

Urbanites out-did suburbanites.

I didn't see any of that coming.

I posted on Facebook: "Now I know why Axelrod makes more money than I do."

The House grew in Republicans and the Democrats grew in the Senate.  Heck, I think maybe crappy Republican Senate candidates dragged Romney down in some swing states.

Seems like little is different from yesterday - except we'll have fewer phone calls and other kinds of TV commercials.

By the way...what really happened in Benghazi?

Oh well, let's get ready for 2016.


  1. If there really is such a thing as post election depression...I think I have it. Does anyone know what the total was for the military? I don't think I'd want to join knowing No Back Up Obama is still in town. That scares the hell out of me.

    1. Ummm, do you remember a spot to mark on your ballot whether you're military or not? Of course no one knows, and they shouldn't know. Secret ballot and all...America...ring a bell? Get a pill for your depression and move on!

  2. Why are you surprised that the youth, minorities, and women came out to vote? Charles, meet the changing face of voting America. Old white guys are no longer the only ones casting ballots. I hope ALL our representatives can now roll up all their collective sleeves and get to work.

  3. Where do all the military votes get counted? Do they go back into their home states?

  4. I beleive this report speaks volumes about the equipment that the SOE office uses in Brevard County. So what did you want the election results to say?

  5. This election will go down as the changing election. As previously stated above, the voting public is no longer controlled by angry old white men like you CHARLES. I suggest to Bill Posey and his cohorts to start cooperating or they will all be out two years from today. We the people have spoken and spoken LOUDLY. It's time that you Fox News huggers wake up and quit lying to the public. Your hay day is over! Lots of GOOD OLE BOYS still Elected in Brevard, but they're no longer the majority repesentation of this country. Go back to teaching Charles and please keep your future right-wing opinions to yourself...

  6. It is called a MANDATE Charlie, Mitt asked the American people for one and here it is.

    No to partisan constitution gaming
    No to partisan Justice/Judge meddling
    No to Nixon's war on drugs
    No to marriage inequality
    No to dictating women's reproductive rights
    No to failed GOP immigration policy
    No to war with Iran
    No to attempts at disenfranchising the vote
    No to the tea party fringe
    No to regressive environmental policies
    No to faith based lawmaking, we don't need our own Taliban

    No to Mitt Romney, his wife and her dressage horses. Mitt lost multiple "home" states too, at least he made some history LOL..

  7. In spite of all efforts by voting officials in S.Florida to keep voters from voting, Obama won.

  8. People are maybe tied of the same old shit, billions spent housing petty criminals, pot smokers and tired old men telling women what to do with their bodies. ENOUGH!

  9. I see a Civil War comin' and it ain't gonna be pretty.
    Once the economy tanks and the greedy & lazy bastards don't get their Obamaphones or Food Stamps they will be very angry. Riots will ensue.
    I'll have my Democrat Hunting License and will use it liberally.

    1. Dem hunting license?
      You sound painfully ignorant

  10. I AGREE with you CHARLES and SOME of you others!!
    Hence, please don't attempt to label me. But if you'd like to know I AM an American...First Generation...Retired Military. I am also what you call a Hispanic American. I'm proud of ALL of it! I will also say that I am a CONSERVATIVE "Hispanic Minority". For those of you that wonder why, it's simple for me. I research, read, listen, look at all issues, not just current or racist or anything include History (World & American), THEN and only then do I compare how ALL of it aligns with what MY values, beliefs, expectations...and yes...HOPE are for NOT ONLY myself, but my family, my "race", my "nationality"....BUT MOSTLY...AMERICA...and even the world (which we all need)!!! At that point...whoever and whatever political party, etc mostly aligns the who I HAVE to "go with", VOTE, etc. and for me, that has always been the Republican Party since I've been of age to vote, I am in my mid 40's.
    That said, again ... please don't label me ... because sometimes I agree on certain issues with what might be called, a "Democrat's view"... and/or ... on some issues, I am "in the middle"... a moderate's view.
    I am not a crazy, mad, old white male! I an extremist of ANY sort, I'm not extreme "Right" ... and I am definitely NOT and extreme "Left" (some call Liberals or extreme Liberals).
    One of the many things that's so sad I think in our country...IS...the "TEAM OF 3" mentality, that has spread through the country like a virus through the years ... meaning ... "ME...MYSELF...and...I"! What's in it for me? What's in it for "us"? What do I get? I deserve! Why not me? That's not Fair! You can't do that! How come they can?
    I'm NOT saying that SOME of those things shouldn't be asked or demanded ... in our great country...thanks to our Fore-Fathers and America's Veterans!
    BUT something basic has been LOST in America. What happened to putting America and her future first? What happened to, "for the good of our country"? What happened to putting others in stead of yourself first, at times? What happened to ...OUR country, OUR America, OUR future ... OUR fabric ... OUR foundation ...? It is and has been disolving one thread at a time ... and it BREAKS MY HEART ... as a proud & loving American!
    We have LET ourselves become so polarized over various issues and opinions of OTHERS...which include our enemies and any others out there that wouldn't mind OUR demise!
    IF you will still allow me to say and hope for...MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA...and keep her safe...and please unite her...not only if we are victims of a terrible attack.
    I also wish that some of my hope and feelings about America, the views that I have stated the interest of ALL OF US (AMERICA)... would be again...some OUR schools ... BUT ... especially ... in our homes, families & friends!!! ALL of the interest of AMERICA, the World and Humanity!

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