Monday, November 26, 2012

Charles Parker: The Congress Needs to Act Co-Equally

Okay - elections have consequences.  I agree.
At the same time, we have a problem in Washington.  It is a revenue problem.  It is an entitlement problem.  It is a spending problem.

Right now, once again, we have the same dysfunctional cabal meeting to try and craft a solution - Boehner and Reid, Pelosi and Cantor, and all the President's men.  They tried before and failed.  Why should they get a second chance?

The US Congress is a co-equal branch of the federal government and they have certain responsibilities. They are responsible for taxation (which means telling the citizens what they must pay).and for appropriating (which means telling the government how much they can spend).

Appropriately, the US House has a committee that deals with taxes and entitlements (Ways and Means) and and a committee that appropriates (Appropriations).  The US Senate also has a committee that deals with taxes and entitlements (Finance) and a committee that appropriates (Appropriations).

The US House is controlled by the Republicans.  They won.  Elections have consequences.  The US House Ways and Means Committee needs to pass legislation - immediately - that sets tax rates for individuals and corporations and for payroll taxes, which pays for Social Security.

The US Senate is controlled by the Democrats.  They won.  Elections have consequences.  The US Senate Finance Committee needs to pass legislation - immediately - that sets tax rates for individuals and corporations and for payroll taxes, which pays for Social Security.  Now since they are in the same party as the president, they can use his numbers if they want...or not.

The US House should pass their legislation on a voice vote and the US Senate should do the same.

Then the leaders of these two committees should sit in a room, put on their big boy pants, and figure it out.  After which, both houses of Congress should pass the agreed-upon bill and send it to the president.  It will be veto-proof so he will sign it.

In other words, the US Congress should act like they are co-equal to the president - like they are.
Dave Camp, Max Baucus, Sander Levin, Orrin Hatch - we may not really know who you are - but we need you to be statesmen. 



  1. Why can't we get rid of the income tax and all it's abuses and have a national sales tax. The rich will pay more for their big boy toys The govt. won't have to give back money at the end of the year and we will have more from our pay checks in our pockets to spend as we please

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