Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Charles Parker: Crowley Loses the Debate

I would like to think it was a nefarious plot. But it probably was not.  It is simply a postmodern mindset.  Rules be damned - "I'm the moderator and I'll do what I want."

Candy Crowley inserted herself into last night's debate - in fact, the reporter became the story. That's simply bad journalism.

First, Crowley picked the questions that would be asked.  They were generally what I call "constituent" questions - immigration, women in the workplace, assault weapons - to name a few.

The only way President Obama wins this election is by cobbling together these and other constituent interest group votes.  The questions were chosen to appeal to this campaign strategy.

Second, Crowley picked sides in real-time.  Obama had 10% more talk time after she cut off Mitt Romney time and time again.  As well, she even became a fact-checker for POTUS on Libya.  Too bad she got her facts wrong. 

However, the main problem for Obama is that most are calling it a slight win for him or a tie.  In a CBS News snap poll, Romney won big on the economy, which is where this election rests ultimately.  A televised focus group of undecideds thought Romney won.  Obama couldn't win big when it was two against one.

Crowley is a partisan hack - plain and simple.  And she is a loser.


  1. "Crowley is a partisan hack - plain and simple. And she is a loser." A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. You are a partisan hack...plain and simple. Imagine that, Crowley picked "constituent" questions to ask.

  3. I thought Romney did rather well considering he was debating against 2,the moderator, Candy Crowley, and Obama. So, victory to Romney.

  4. I don't think the issue is that Crowley picked the questions the issue is which questions she picked. Did she pick questions that are the most pressing facing America or did she pick questions that help a candidate push their message.

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