Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charles Parker: Presidential Governing Styles Differ Sharply

It is a subjective concept for sure.  Many presidents try to claim it – few actually have it.

However, President Obama has already laid down his marker.  If he wins, he says it is a “mandate” for higher taxes.
Obama said in an interview aired Monday that his first priority if re-elected would be to push for passage of a debt-reduction plan to cut spending and raise taxes on the nation's highest earners.

"We can do some more cuts, we could look at how we deal with the health care costs in particular under Medicaid and Medicare in a serious way, but we are also going to need some revenue.”

Obama has a history of this.  On the third day of his presidency – when Republicans went to the White House to share ideas about the economy and jobs – the president said the following, “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.”

Obama administration bipartisanship died that day.  It became the "us versus them" presidency.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney has said time and again that he will sit down with Democrats and Republicans to craft bipartisan legislation.  And he’s done it before.  He was a governor in a state that had a legislature with 87% Democrats.  He met weekly with the opposition.  He worked with them to find common ground – while leaving space for both sides to stick to differing principles.
Most of you have made your choice…but there are a few hangers-on.  For you undecideds - I have one final question for you.

Do you want a president who spikes the football and claims a mandate that isn’t really there or a president who works across-the-aisle and gets some things done?



  1. Hey Parker, our lives are not akin to your sports metaphor. I'll let my vote speak for itself, and I voted for President Obama.

    1. Please note - I was asking that question of undecideds.

      You obviously are not on that side of the field. You don't have a horse in that race. Your ball is in the other court. Want some sports similes instead...? Are you akin to them?

  2. Hey Parker, you are a middle class citizen. Wake up to reality. Romney will give you a ream job like never before. Stick to English class.

    1. What a's spelled r-e-e-m. Unless of course you mean he's going to give me a bunch of paper...

  3. Actually, Charles, it IS r-e-a-m, the second meaning in my dictionary. There is no r-e-e-m, unless you're speaking Hebrew. But don't worry, I'm not going to call you a name.

    Also, have you considered the fact that President Obama had to try his best to work with rabid tea-party members and extreme right-wingers? Governor Romney was fortunate...he got to work with level-headed, fair-minded, best-interest-of-the-state Democrats. The credit goes to the Democrats, not Romney, for being bi-partisan. That's something the Republicans surely cannot claim...they have been a disgrace in their lack of effort to work with President Obama. In fact, they have heeded the call to obstinately NOT work with President Obama. Sheep. Ish.

    You should try listening to "the other side" with an open mind sometime...pretend to be fair-minded instead of always defending the Republicans. I challenge you to give it a try...just pretend you're a Democrat for a week, and that you believe "their" arguments. It could be an eye-opening experience for you.

    1. Mr. Anonymous,

      Reem\, v. t. (Naut.) To open (the seams of a vessel's planking) for the purpose of calking them. This word was used before your word was used.

      I guess we're both right - in our own way.

      Let's look at the two major domestic legislative issues of the last two presidents. George W. Bush - No Child Left Behind - written by Democrat Lion Ted Kennedy with broad bi-partisan support. Barack Obama - Affordable Care Act - hmmmm.

      And let's let history be our guide - Obama had complete control of the legislative process in the first two years of his admin so your tea party nonsense is just that.

      And to call Massachusetts liberals "level-headed, fair-minded" is funny. Were you trying to be funny? You were, weren't you?

      I read and listen all the time - probably 16 trillion minutes worth of minutes. I've been hanging around liberals my whole life - many are dear friends of mine. But frankly Democrats' arguments just don't add up for me.

    2. 2ream transitive verb
      Definition of REAM
      a : to widen the opening of (a hole) : countersink

      b (1) : to enlarge, shape, or smooth out (a hole) with a reamer (2) : to enlarge the bore of (as a gun) in this way

      c : to remove by reaming
      a : to press out with a reamer

      b : to press out the juice of (as an orange) with a reamer
      : cheat, victimize
      : reprimand —often used with out
      Examples of REAM
      1. He got reamed in the press for his comments.
      Origin of REAM
      perhaps from Middle English *remen to open up, from Old English r?man; akin to Old English ry?man to open up, r?m space — more at room
      First Known Use: 1815

      Now, I don’t claim to be a mind-reader, but I feel fairly confident that the Anonymous poster mentioning a “ream job” was NOT indicating that he/she thinks that Mr. Romney intends to open the seams of your vessel’s planking for caulking. What do you think?

      And, wait a minute. Bush and Obama? The Presidential candidates you contrasted were Romney and Obama, so I’m not sure what Bush has to do with this. But okay.

      You are aware that the NCLB initiative was the brainchild of a Texan, right? And that the plan, when first proposed, was called “accountability.” It became Texas law under Gov. Ann Richards (D), and that law was subsequently upheld by the next Texas governor, George W. Bush (R) in 1995. In 2001, then-President George W. Bush proposed national NCLB legislation which was coauthored by Ted Kennedy, along with another Democrat and two Republicans. Interestingly, one of the Republican coauthors was the Representative from Ohio, John Boehner, who now bows to the tea party contingent of the Republican party. So to assert, as you seem to, that Ted Kennedy came up with this idea, and that George W. Bush embraced it, even though it originated from a Democrat, is more than a little disingenuous, in my opinion. George W. Bush brought it with him from Texas, and the DEMOCRATS demonstrated bipartisanship by embracing it. By the way, I have never been a fan of the NCLB initiative. I’m interested to hear your opinion on that as an educator.

      Now, on to Romney. Bipartisanship in Massachusetts. Really?? What he proposed was cutting state programs that benefitted the disadvantaged, needy, and disabled citizens and children in order to balance the budget. The state legislature overrode most of Romney’s vetoes. There was no show of bipartisanship; rather he came into office with a plan to aggressively dismantle social programs, the overwhelmingly Democratic state legislature did not allow him to effect those cuts, and the state budget was reformed (miraculously) without harming the programs that were in place to help the needy people and families. This balancing of the Massachusetts state budget was IN SPITE of Romney, not thanks to him. For him to publicly take credit for that is hugely disingenuous.

      I’m not going to change your mind about your political views. You’re not going to change my political views. However, I respect your RIGHT to your views, even if I can’t in all honesty respect your actual views. I’m for women’s rights in all arenas of their lives; I believe that people do not “choose” to be homosexual, therefore I’m for everyone’s right to love whom they love, as long as they are consenting adults; and I do NOT believe the Republican/Tea Party displays the mature cooperation essential for ALL citizens to be fairly represented in our government. Kudos to you and your “peeps” for remaining “dear friends” in the face of your opposing political views. I have found, that to my surprise, I do enjoy reading your blog. Not being funny at all... :)

  4. NCLB is your shining star from Bush? You must be joking. You think that mess is good.

    I heard education had issues in this state when I moved here, now I am certain why.

    They let intellectual midgets like you influence children.

    NCLB is failed legislation that never stood a chance. 100% AYP is dreamland, and you know it.

    Are you going to turtle up and disappear next week when your boy loses? I hope not. Should I be wrong and your boy wins, well god help us all. Be ready to make excuses for him every week. Know that we will still be here to point out his failings and your junior high logic..

    I guess in that regard you are a success, you seem to anger enough of us with your moronic rambling that we take the time to post and come back.

  5. I came across your blog while searching for something else.

    If I may pile on here, Mr. Parker, if I was going to call someone a chucklehead for misspelling a word, I would look it up first. Perhaps you did and didn't scroll down to the verb version of the word. In either case, it sort of calls your fact gathering, your ability to reason, and your powers of deduction into question. True, one mistake doesn't define a man, but it's only one example out of many of your flawed analysis of the nation's current state of affairs.

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