Monday, October 22, 2012

Charles Parker: The Envelope Please...

The debates are now behind us with another solid-enough performance by Mitt Romney to keep the needle steadily moving to red.  It has been steadily moving that way since the first debate - and barring any craziness - will continue to ooze right until Election Day.

It's the economy, everyone...even in foreign's the economy.

So - with that said - it's time to say who will win and by how much.

You see - I am willing to go out on a wire without a net.  Many pundits and prognosticators will not step out.  I will.

Here is the breakdown that I predict.  You libs can either give me a big hurrumph on Election Day - or go weaselly back to your holes until you trot out Clinton and Cuomo in four years.

There are ten states that most are calling toss-ups.  I don't really think some still are, but I'll humor Rove and Trippi.

Let's dispense with the ones that I think are surely over.

Romney will win Florida by 5% and Virginia by 3%.  Obama will win Pennsylvania by 4% and Michigan by at least 5%.

Then there are two states whose trends put them comfortably with Romney - though some think they are closer.  I don't.
Romney wins New Hampshire by 4% and Colorado by 5%.

Now here comes the picks at which many scoff.  But believe them.

Ohio and Iowa both end up as Romney country - though they will be squeakers.  This - of course - puts Romney at 285 electoral votes.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

But wait!  There's more!

Mitt Romney could end up with as many as 301 - depending on Wisconsin and Nevada.

And remember - if Wisconsin (GOP surge happening) and Nevada (lots of Mormons and Harry Reid haters) - come in early for Romney, Obama can have Ohio and Iowa both.  Romney will still have 277.

Any way you cipher it - Mitt Romney is drinking sparkling cider on November 6.


  1. With the history of voter fraud here, Romney is a shoe in.

  2. I sure hope you're wrong!

  3. You sir, represent exactly what is wrong in America today.

    You start your tirade with a boast, followed by an insult, then use dubious, speculative math to come to a fraudulent conclusion.

    No surprise you would be a Romeny supporter, this sounds like his campaign to a T.

    The math doesn't work, not for Romneys budget, not for your column.

  4. It seems that neither side has cornered the market on voter fraud:

  5. Lot's of anger over Mr. Parker's opinion on how the election will go. If you don't agree wait until election day and then we will all find out.

  6. I'm hoping for the 301 number. With luck, the GOP will win back the Senate. If the GOP win the sweep, the Dems will go nuts. Something I will enjoy.

  7. Oops! Wishing does not make it perhaps the Republicans interested in helping solve our country's problems (instead of BEING the problem) will finally start working on it with the President...President Obama, that is!

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