Monday, September 17, 2012

Charles Parker: The Response...What Response?

I've been waiting to write about Libya and other issues until the Obama administration had ample and fair time.  The fog of war can be difficult, so I thought it prudent to step back and let them assess and then act.

I mean the president said - right after the brutal killing of a US Ambassador and three others on sovereign American property - with a look of great resolve. "Make no mistake.  Justice will be done."

I took him at his word.

And then the response.  The FBI, the CIA and some drones.  Wait.  It is too dangerous for the FBI.

The second response.  The CIA and some drones.


And then came the weekend explanation - five days after the attack.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice spent Sunday morning making the rounds on television.  I only saw her once, but I read about what she said in the other interviews.  It was an echo.

The response.  "The video made them do it.  It wasn't a coordinated assault.  It was a simple case of Libyans gone wild."

More fecklessness.

There were 400 attackers.  They had rocket-propelled grenades.  The attack came from two different sides - simultaneously.  They knew where a safe house was.

Ambassador Rice - under the bus you go.  The eye-rolling from even the liberal show hosts told it all.

And where is President Obama?  Of course - on the campaign trail - talking about walking dogs and washing cars.

Ohio, Virginia, Florida...please...stop the madness...


  1. It is bigger news to point a finger at someone who dares to mention the 47% who are not paying taxes.

  2. Got brains? Partysmart, why don't you do a little research about the supposed 47% before you jump on the Romney train? Presumably you have access to a computer. Why not make good use of it? Here, I'll even provide a link for you. Try to read it all the way through.

  3. The USA is a global lawless and murderous renegade and enemy of Mankind.

    Alternate links:


  4. ChickenHawk = Charles Parker. You are a detestable man, it worries me that you have contact with/influence young people.

    1. So, while Florida Today poisons the minds of its readers with its support of socialism you are worried about one lone writer here?

    2. Mr. Anonymous - as I have said before, I don't share my opinions with my students - even though I teach them the difference between news and opinion. I did however share your assessment of me with some of them. They laughed at your juvenile name-calling. I laughed with them. When most liberals can't win an argument on facts, they usually resort to this nonsense - and you sir, do it with the best of them.

  5. It's a waste of time to write about Charles. He knows it all, so he thinks. We'll see just how mouthy he is on November 7th, when he wakes up to find Obama re-elected and his conservative cronies on their way out.

    1. I'm not sure how - if the president is re-elected - my conservative cronies will be out...they're out now. But anyway - I'll still have plenty to say :-)