Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Charles Parker: Charlotte-an Week #3

You gotta love Bill Clinton.
He tried to pass a liberal government-run takeover of health care in 1992 and ended up getting shellacked in the midterm elections.
Clinton – with Dick Morris at the wheel – took a hard turn to the center, embraced welfare reform, and ended “big government as we know it.”  He won re-election in a walk.
And now he has been called from the bullpen to pull one out for President Obama. 
You see, Obama passed a liberal government-run takeover of health care in 2009 and ended up getting shellacked in the midterm elections.
However, Obama – with God knows who at the wheel (oops - I said “God” in relation to the Democrat National Convention – is that legal?) – stayed in the left lane.  He now is behind in the polls against Republican candidate Mitt Romney.
Obama is banking on Clinton to bring moderates and conservative Democrats back on the reservation because one way to read most polls is that most moderates and conservative Democrats that voted for Obama last time have either gone to Romney or are still undecided.
So did Clinton’s speech pull it off?
Well, he will never be a great elder statesman (he will always be Monica’s Bubba), but he is a skilled politician.  Clinton knows what to say and he knows how to wag that finger when he says it.
He laid out the numbers that make Obama’s economy look good and only Clinton could accomplish that. He gave swing voters a reason to feel good about their vote in 2008.
And he brought a divided convention back together.
If Obama wins in November, it will be this speech that made the difference.

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  1. They don't call him "slick" for nothin'.

  2. Slick Willy just BS'd his way through the speech.
    What killed Obama's re-election was the yelling "NO" 3x to putting GOD back into the party platfrom. That joke of a disaster showed America what the democrat party really stands for. Anti-America, Anti-Religion, Anti-Israel.

    Obama's zombie-like speech on Thursday didn't help either. I was expecting FoxNews to have a graphic overlay during Obama's speech saying "YOU LIE".

  3. That would be IRONIC, wouldn't it?