Monday, September 3, 2012

Charles Parker: Charlotte-an Week #1

This week I'll be posting a variety of my thoughts on the Democratic National Convention.
Synonyms for charlatan - imposter, fake, fraud, swindler, pretender, con artist.  Hence the title for this column all week.
Hypocrisy of DNC Week #1: If you're a conservative that worked for a private equity fund, you're a millionaire-loving, middle-class-hating loathsome Wall Street fat cat. If you're a liberal that worked for the same private equity fund, you get a speaking slot at the convention.
Gaffe of DNC Week #1: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley - already being mentioned as a potential contender for the presidential nomination in 2016 - flips and flops on consecutive days.  First, he said on Sunday that we weren't better of than we were four years ago.  Then on Monday, he had the Democrat talking points memorized perfectly.  "We are clearly better off as a country because we're now creating jobs rather than losing them," he tweeted.
Oddity of DNC Week #1: To counter the effect of Cuban-descent rock star Republican US Senator Marco Rubio, the DNC will feature "journalist" Cristina Saralegui - the Miami version of Maury Povich.

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