Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charles Parker: Convention-al Wisdom #3

I'm not going to write much tonight.

I worked a long day - having some fun with my students and helping out some fellow teachers.  I had dinner with my wife and two of my boys, went to a high school football game, visited my granddaughter and her parents, and spent some time catching up with a young woman who used to be our babysitter many years ago.  Then, we gathered around the TV.

A typical American day and night - some time at work and then time with family and friends.

And by the way, we watched the speech.

It was classic Mitt Romney.  Confident - but not showy.  Direct - but not cocky.  Some about success, but mostly about family.

And that is how he presented what an America under his leadership would look like.  Confident - but not showy.  Direct - but not cocky.  Some about success, but mostly about family.

He said he wished things over the last few years had been different.  But alas, they were not.  He said it was time to bring something new.  He said he had delivered in the past and that he could deliver again.

And then he called out Castro and Putin - by name.  Confident and direct.

Well, that is all.  I need some sleep.  Tomorrow, I do it all over again.  And so do you.  Striving for success - because it's mostly about family.

Thanks Mitt.


  1. I really like the title of your comment today...out of the box. I too like Mitt's confident and direct style. Mitt sure jazzed up the crowd last night. I noticed (and liked) his use of the words "this president." Everyone before him used the Obama word which begins to divert focus from the topic. Thank you for your writing.

  2. Charles, you're easily entertained! That Republican Convention was a joke, filled with lies, lies and more lies. Ryan's speech was loaded with untruths and Romney's speech was not much more truthful. I especially like the lie where Romney said he was really hoping the President would succeed! Please, what a crock! Clint Eastwood was a fiasco and everyone knows it. Loyal followers like you will believe anything they throw at you. You guys certainly don't let truth get in your way when you're trying to fool the electorate, in order to win an election. Why don't you do an article about the CONSPIRACY to make Obama a one-term President and list the 15 Republicans that were at that meeting on the night of Jan 20th, 2009. Mr Deficit Hawk Ryan was there after he had just voted for $5+ Trillion of expenditures that GWB proposed during the previous 8 years. You Republicans only worry about Deficits & Debt when you're OUT of office. When your in office, spending money is NO PROBLEM! I'll be watching for that article about the Conspiracy...When you finish that article, you can write another about how the Republicans are trying to take away the voting rights of the minorities who tend to vote for Democrats. I'll be watching....

    1. Interesting that someone who posts nonsense about secret meetings chooses to remain "Anonymous."

      First, I am shocked that Republicans met to figure out how to win back the White House. And - there has - of course - been no obstruction by the Democrats in the Senate - who have refused to even take up any bills passed by the House.

      From my recollection in all those Romney "lies" during his speech, I believe he chastised the GOP for too much spending when they were in charge of Congress. Was that a lie too? But despite all that spending - they did not come close to the trillions this president has spent.

      Finally - this crap about voting rights is just that - crap. There are absentee ballots aplenty and there is still at least a week of early voting. Plus, I had to show a picture ID to park at Wet and Wild - so it shouldn't be too much to ask that someone prove who they are to vote. was it disenfranchisement of minorities when Democrats ran everything from the 1940s-1970s and there was only one day to vote?

      Might I add there are numerous non-profits out there who set up shop in low income neighborhoods and assist those folks with getting valid IDs.

      I await the entertainment that will happen this week in Charlotte. Abortions for everyone!! It's George Bush's fault!! Rich people are selfish haters!!! Mitt Romney wants to kill union workers!!! Paul Ryan wants to kill your grandmother!!! What a fun bunch of folks....

    2. 1. The reason people post as anomymous is because you carry on so when someone dares to question your Republican rantings.
      2.I don't believe for a minute that you're shocked that 15 Republicans met on Jan 20, 2009 to bury The President and yes, Harry Reid has blocked votes on rediculous bills passed by your tea party friends in the house. But the question should be, how many bills have YOUR friends filibustered since Obama?
      3. Paul Ryan voted YES on over $5 trillion in Bush spending from '00-'08, but I guess I missed the part about Mitt chastising him for it. But as soon as Obama was elected, Ryan became a deficit hawk.
      4. If you take out the trillions, spent on IN PLACE BUSH PROGRAMS since Jan 20, 2009, Obama hasn't spent anywhere near (on Obama Programs) what Bush spent and is responsible for today. We're still paying for Bush Tax Cuts for the rich, the wars & the drug plan,to mention a few things Bush put on the credit card. You're real good at placing BLAME but you're not very good at accepting any.
      5. Voter suppression is NOT CRAP and you know it. (Show me the fraud). You and Frank Luntz have a canned answer for everything, but I'm not buying, what your selling.
      6. I would like to know where all of these non-profits are set up in this county, helping the LOW INCOME folks (as you call them), to get valid ID's. Tell me where they are and I'll go check to see if they are really there or if it's another figment of your imagination.
      7. Your last paragraph about "abortions for everyone" is so redicilous that it makes me wonder if you should be teaching at MIHS
      8. If you're going to be offended with what happens in Charlotte, I suggest that you don't watch it. Those of us who don't live by what FOX News feeds, know that much of what's happened IS George Bush's fault. Just because you don't agree, doesn't make it NOT SO...Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are both VERY dangerous men for this brittle economy. You would never admit it because you vote party over the good of this country and have been doing so for years. Who was the last Democrat you voted for?

    3. Yeah - I'll keep it going.

      1. I don't understand why my "carrying on" would keep someone from saying who they are, but whatever...

      2. That's called sarcasm...and ridiculous is spelled r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s.

      3. Yes, you missed it. Selective hearing I reckon...

      4. First, that is factually incorrect. Second, the whole argument about "paying" for tax cuts is silly. Tax cuts pay for themselves. Please review history - every time there have been cuts in federal income ta rates, federal revenues have gone up. With that list of three+ the credit card part, you are wonderful at copying the Democrat talking points - I heard Axelrod say the exact same thing yesterday. Can we have some originality please - I thought we had stopped Hope an Change and were moving Forward?

      5. I have no idea why Frank Luntz was brought into this....Show me how someone cannot vote when given all the opportunity to do so.

      6. You can look it up yourself - I'm busy...

      7. I do not voice my political views in the classroom. However, I do correct my students when they do not spell words correctly. Oops - you did it again...

      8. Oh - I'll be watching. Gosh - it took you this whole thing to pull out the tired old Fox News card - wow. (By the way, you forgot the "you're a racist" talking point...maybe that will come next). Ah - the brittle Obama economy - oops I forgot - it' George Bush's fault...pretty sad... have no idea for whom I vote. Baseless personal accusations are very revealing of intellectual dishonesty and laziness.

  3. Charles:
    Your conservative train only stops at your conservative station, so it's a waste of anyone's time to continue to write here because, as always, ONLY YOU know the facts, whether they be true or not. This is why people write to BT under the anonymous selection. So you and your tea party friends keep spreading the lies and we'll see who wins in Nov. Either you will win or the country will win. I am rooting for the latter!
    In the mean time, I am sure you'll be out there helping the minorities and the poor get those much needed voter ID's and cheering on Karl Rove and The Koch Brothers and their ads directed at the uneducated electorate. Maybe when you retire you can get a job with Fox News, you'd be just the kind of guy they're looking for!

    1. Just so you know - I have absolutely no connection to any Tea Party group. Never been to a meeting, never been to a rally.

      I have been a conservative since way before it was cool - 1971 to be exact. I am not even really a Reagan conservative - but an Obenshain conservative. See if you can figure that one out...

      BTW, the Fox News-Karl Rove-Koch Brothers nonsense is getting tiresome. You guys need some new material....

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  5. Obenshain conserative or otherwise, In my opinion, you have the same views as the tea party people and the R/R team, My view is that "You're just a Political Wannabee"! Those who can, DO, and those who can't, teach & write. As your friend Paul Ryan would say: "PERIOD! End of Story"

    1. I "wannabe" exactly what I have chosen to be.

      As well, I normally stay away from personal attacks - but you, Anonymous, are a pitiful jerk. Nice touch dissing teachers. What a class act you are.

  6. For anyone else watching this thread.

    If you want to engage in thoughtful reasoned discussion and debate, I welcome it and will meet your respect with mine.

    If you're going to be a liberal name-calling flame-thrower like Mr. Anonymous here - be on notice that I will be right back in your face. I am not going to sit back and be lied to and lied about...

  7. Well Mr Parker, it looks like you can dish it out, but unless we agree with you, you can't take it. Nuff said.

    1. I'm sorry, but maybe I'm missing something. Your comment makes no sense in the context of mine.

      If you want a reasoned debate - I'm there. If you want to be insulting - I can be snarky with the best of them.