Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charles Parker: Convention-al Wisdom #1

Yes, there were a couple of awkward giggles and a missed word or two.  In fact, Ann Romney was at times unashamedly gushy talking about that boy she met at a high school dance.

She is a wife and a mother and a grandmother.  And that is how she spoke and what she spoke about.

And that was the beauty of it.  Ann did Mitt proud. 

However, if I’m being honest, the Chris Christie speech was enigmatic – more Bedford Falls than Jersey Shore.

My wife was not very familiar with the Garden State’s governor.  I told her of his encounter with a big-mouth on the boardwalk at Atlantic City.  How he went after the guy – never letting the ice cream drip from the cone.  I told her how he got in the face of a heckler at a woman candidate’s campaign event.

I couldn’t wait for the smack-down.  It never came.

What Christie said was certainly important.  The Romney campaign should be about big ideas – and the big ideas should be met head on.  But Romney has already tilled that soil with the choice of Paul Ryan.

Christie was way too existential for 10:45 pm.  My wife went to bed.  I admittedly dozed off a couple of times.

Mrs. Romney’s speech will be remembered for what it was.  Mrs. Christie’s son’s speech will be remembered for what it wasn’t.

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