Monday, July 9, 2012

Charles Parker: Civics 101 on Tax Cuts

Okay – so the battle lines are drawn.
President Obama wants to extend the Bush era tax cuts only for those wage earners making $250,000 or less and only for one year.
US House Republicans want to permanently extend all the tax cuts for all wage earners.
US Senate Democrats are – as usual – silent.  I think I heard they want to extend the tax cuts for any earning $1 million or less, but who knows.  Harry Reid is too busy being creepy.
On a Sunday show, a House Democrat complained that the House Republican proposal would not pass the Senate, so it was really just grandstanding.  Evidently, this Democrat – as well as Senate Democrat leadership – and maybe as well as the President – simply does not understand how our government is supposed to work.
Since ObamaCare was declared by the Supreme Court to be constitutional, Democrats are all about the importance of the separation of powers.  They proclaim that the checks and balances in our Constitution worked!  However, what they won’t acknowledge is the Constitutional check and balance between the two houses of Congress and the President.
So let me explain since I have had civics.
The Republican-controlled US House will pass a bill regarding the Bush-era tax cuts, which presumably will extend all of the tax cuts permanently.
The Democrat-controlled US Senate should then pass a bill to their liking, which presumably will extend the tax cuts for one year for those making under $1 million.
Then a conference committee should be called.  Representatives from both ends of the Capitol will meet and hash out a compromise.  It is at this point that input from the Executive branch can occur, but it is not mandatory that Congress listens.
After a compromise bill is agreed upon, it is then sent back to both houses for approval and then on to the president for signature or veto.  If he signs, it becomes law.  If he vetoes, Congress can attempt to override the veto or fashion a new bill or simply let it drop.
If the third happens, the tax cuts will expire and all Americans will receive a huge tax increase at the beginning of 2013.
The Republican-controlled US House will act soon.
The ball will then be in the court of the Democrat-controlled US Senate.
Don’t hold your breath for action – except for them to blame those dastardly Republicans.

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