Saturday, April 14, 2012

Charles Parker: We Should Feed North Korea

I decided long ago that when I gave money to someone who was down and out – whether they were homeless or just needy – that I was not going to spend time fretting over whether they used it “properly.”  I could hope that they didn’t go to the liquor store, but the prospect of their poor choice was not going to paralyze me from helping someone again.

No doubt, this philosophy has gotten me burned sometimes.  If you see me, ask me about the homeless guy and Spiderman.  (It’s too long of a story to write, but funny!)  But – even burned – I still think it is our responsibility to help our fellow citizens.

It is this philosophy that gives me heartburn over the president’s decision to withdraw food aid to North Korea after their failed missile test.  I should add that many conservative pundits and politicians agree with the president – so I guess I am out on an island as it comes to this policy.

I know that we offered the aid conditionally – they get the food if they stop nuclear testing.  But maybe that’s the problem.  Carrots should be used as carrots – not sticks.

There must be other ways to deal with North Korea without further punishing their people.  (Yes – they punish their own people.)  We could be a part of a regional naval blockade (real and virtual) that keeps them from trading weapons and technology.  We could threaten to assist Japan and South Korea to join the nuclear club.  We could send a couple of Tomahawks their way.

But I just don’t think we should withhold food to starving people.  It is not what America does.  


  1. They homeless guy buys alcohol and you feel burned. The North Koreans watch their people starve and build bombs.

    See the difference? It is no wonder you are on an island here.

    1. P.S. I also give money to homeless so I do understand what you mean. I don't care if they buy alcohol. If that will ease their distress for a bit then so be it.

  2. Any food sent to North Korea will be divided amongst the military and political elite. The starving people will get nothing to eat.

    Hopelessly gullible people such as Charles Parker truly believe that all people have "a better angel" influencing their decisions. I live and work in Asia and let me inform you that this region is full of individuals who would steal food and humanitarian aid from starving children to gamble and spend on prostitutes. Every day I witness charities and NGO's throw money around as if they worked for the US GSA. And nothing changes (Except a few well-connected locals upgrade their transportation to a Mercedes Benz!)

    Mr. Parker, wake up and smell the coffee! Chumps like you are enabling the Kim regime to survive and threaten its people and its neighbors. Shame on you and shame on your vain-glorious generosity!Get off your island and travel in undeveloped nations and you might gain a clearer insight into the type of people we are dealing with.