Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Charles Parker: Rules and Words Matter

I took a road trip last week during Spring Break.  My family and I drove to South Carolina and back for a cousin’s wedding.  It was wonderful – except for parts of the ride.

All the way – both ways – drivers camped out in the left lane.  It was maddening.

I remember - back in the day – when there was an unspoken rule-of-the-road.  You drove in the right lane(s) and passed in the left lane.  Everyone knew it.  Almost everyone did it.  Traffic flowed.  There was nothing called “road rage.”

This is the latest example of post-modernism run amok.  Post-modernism is a progressive philosophical thought-process that says that we can make our own rules and that we can define words how we want.  It began 60-70 years ago, but is now upon us with a vengeance.

It reared its ugly head first in our political psyche in a big way with Bill Clinton when he declared “I did not have sexual relations with that woman – Ms. Lewinsky” and pondered what “the definition of ‘is’ is.”

Al Gore followed suit when he called the Constitution a “living, breathing document.”

And in 2000 – for liberals – a “win” was not a “win.”

And – of course – how can we forget the campaign of 2008 with its “hope and change.”  We never really knew what they meant.  We still don’t.  But liberals eat it up.

Now, in Congress, we find that the Democrat Senate President Harry Reid says that the Democrat-controlled Senate doesn’t have to pass a budget (even though it’s a rule).  In the current campaign for president, we find that people need to pay “their fair share” in taxes.  In recent Supreme Court hearings, a tax is a penalty.  No wait, a penalty is a tax. Ughhh…

I like a world where rules matter and words mean what they mean.  No guessing – no making up the rules as we go along.  It seems to work better that way.  And driving is a much more pleasant experience (except for the gas).


  1. Of course you are a right wing Republican, What church are you a pastor at? You are a hate- monger. Make sure ANYONE in my family,OR ANYONE I KNOW, attends your church. What GOD do you pray to, that you stretch people not driving on the side of the road that YOU want them to drive on being the Democratic partie's fault. GOD IS LOVE. Get some HELP. You are SICK in the head. SHAME on you.

    1. Just for the record - I am a conservative and I am not a pastor anymore. I am an English teacher, however...and your conventions could use some attention.
      Glad you're blessed, sorry if you're now stressed.

  2. I hate it when drivers drive long distances in the left lane, but I know the reason it is so prevalent. It is because of cruise control, they don't have to readjust it as often when driving in the left lane because it generally is less crowded and flows a little faster.