Monday, April 30, 2012

Charles Parker: New Internet Radio Show

 My first foray into listening to talk radio was - as I’m sure many of you agree – when Rush Limbaugh went viral in the late 1980s.  Of course, he really came of age during the Clinton years, but he was around – in the small big-time – a few years before Bubba.  His “stack of stuff” is famous and his personal life has – at times – been infamous.
Since then others have come along. 
I remember listening to Glenn Back when he was local in Tampa – doing silly bits and talking about inane political stuff.  He was certainly not the Glenn Beck of today – hawking gold and food insurance and pontificating on whether the world is ending or just dangerously spiraling.
Sean Hannitty has got his niche as does Mark Levin.  Sean does a lot of interviews – mostly promoting his TV show.  Mark mostly talks (and sometimes rants).  Dennis Miller is really funny – I laugh out loud at some of his stuff.
So after all these years of listening, I’ve decided to talk.  These hosts and others say how hard it is.  It may be.   But that hasn’t stopped me before.
I’ll be hosting a weekly 30-minute show on the internet.  Yes – commercial-free, which of course means I’m doing it for free.
The plan now is to air every Sunday night from 6:30-7:00 pm.  However, I will be on tonight (Monday) since last night I had technical difficulties.  I don’t have a sound engineer or call screener like the big dogs.
This is the call- in number:  (619) 393-6438.
Hope to hear from you!!

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