Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charles Parker: New Thoughts - Old Problems

Well, it is a windy and rainy morning on my back porch in Merritt Island and here I am back at blogging.  Frankly, it is a tad frightening...the weather that is - not the writing.

For the past year, I had the opportunity to write opinion for Florida Today.  Then - abruptly - they halted the input of community bloggers.  I thought about starting my own site.  In fact, Matt Reed even taunted me.  But due to many personal issues (married with four kids and a grandchild), I realized I would not have the time to promote my own deal.

Then along came

I am excited to be able to offer my opinions - and hear yours - and maybe even joust a bit with you.

I have been involved in conservative political activism and analysis for 40 years.  I have lived and worked in Brevard County for 30 of them.  Currently, I am a high school English teacher. I also teach as an adjunct at Brevard Community College and Valencia College - Humanities and World Religions.

Over the years, I have worked at many jobs and on many campaigns.  The jobs have ranged from hotel night auditor to vacuum cleaner sales to aerospace writer to minister.  I started  in politics at age 12 - handing out bumper stickers in my little town in Virginia.  As a high-schooler, I drove state-wide candidates around for campaign stops and was a delegate to a state senate nominating convention.  I held signs and waved for Jeb Bush so much people thought I was him.  I am a product of the Reagan Revolution.

You will quickly see that I am a political animal and a man of faith.  There is no separation of church and state with me - at least as far as my worldview and opinion goes.  (Since I am not a pastor anymore - I can say what I think without the IRS on my back).

Though normally an optimistic guy, today as I look at the landscape of our country, I am not feeling so well.  Real unemployment remains staggeringly high and gas prices are going up.  Home prices have dropped and the dollar is worth less.  The debt and deficit are unsustainable and few seem to have the political will to tackle it.  My lawn mower is dead in the backyard - and getting rained on - and I don't have the extra cash to fix it.

At this point - who cares who's fault it is - the situation needs serious people who will get serious.  Congressional term limits - coupled with changes in congressional seniority rules - might be a good start.  Citizen legislators - who visit Washington, not live there - would make an immediate impact.  A change in the occupant in White House is also vital - but that is a column for another day.

That's who am I am and what I think - for now.

I'll be posting twice a week - so I look forward to the civil engagement.

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