Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charles Parker: It Ain't Reasonable Being Green

President Obama needs to cobble together a variety of interest groups to have a chance at winning the election – that’s what Democrats do.  They add together labor unions, liberal urban women, trial lawyers, African-Americans and some Hispanics, college kids and college professors and college elitists, tree-huggers, and the media (to name a few). 

Then, they need about 6% of the 10% that call themselves independent.  Those are the ones they try to fool with “moderate” talk.

Now, maybe President Obama is not the crazy radical that some conservatives think he is.  However, as the November election nears, those independents (and many conservative Democrats) will begin to swing to the Republican nominee (Mitt Romney) because they will come to terms with the fact that the president is not the moderate that he pretends to be.

A perfect case-in point is Obama’s stance on energy and its relationship to the environment.

Anti-Big Oil environmental-types are part of the liberal constituency.  Some give money.  Some volunteer their time.  Some make a big splash on television by throwing fake blood on starlets wearing fur.  Some get arrested for climbing on to ships or trees or cell towers or launch pads – or whatever else they can find to climb on.  All of them vote Democrat.

So President Obama has to walk a fine line to appease them – and seem reasonable at the same time.  However, he gets into trouble when the truth seeps out.

Several times over the last few years, Energy Secretary Stephen Chu has admitted that the current administration does not care if gas prices rise.  In fact, they welcome it.  For them it is a win-win.  First, higher gas prices mean an increase in federal revenue from the federal tax on gasoline.  Liberal Democrats love more revenue.  Second, they believe that if gas prices rise, people are more likely to buy electric cars and buy into the environmental movement.  Hmmm…

Can you say Solyndra and Chevy Volt and $50 light bulbs?  Sorry Mr. President – but mainstream America is not ready for your green agenda – no matter what the “inconvenient truth” is (or isn’t).

Mainstream America wants the Keystone pipeline.  Mainstream America doesn’t mind a little drilling for oil or a little mining for coal.  Mainstream America thinks a nuclear plant here and there may not be so bad. 

In the short term, these things may not lower gas prices or even create tens of thousands of new jobs.  But they seem reasonable.  And that’s what independents and conservative Democrats are.  And that’s what President Obama and the environmental movement are not. 

And that’s why the President’s re-election is in serious trouble.  He may talk as a moderate, but he’s really not reasonable.

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